Friday, July 28, 2017

All Manner of Speaking Episode 4.1

We are back after a short hiatus.   Episode four features the Aziza Binti- a St.Louis Film-maker and activist with Kristine Hendrix on the hot-seat and the same We Stay Woke crew from left to right - Dave, Adam Stone, Gabby Burks and Wavey Wayne.
Kristine is a Ferguson protestor, and recently elected member of the University City School Board.

Continuing with our format, we asked Kristine what she was reading and watching. Extraordinarily, Kristine came across the autobiography of Angela Davis when cleaning out her grandmothers belongings; it was a gift she continues to treasure.

In a time of social movements that address the deep injustices and often the our very survival, the stories of our elders have to speak to us.

When we asked Kristine what was she listening to and watching she pointed out the film "Spook Who Sat by the Door".  Click here to watch the film in its entirety.

To listen to this episode click here 

This film came out of the blaxploitation era, but speaks to what what some suggest is playing the master's game toward liberation.  Audre Lourde suggests the masters tools cannot be used, less we become just like the master.  Click here to read more about Audre's argument.

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