Monday, November 14, 2016

We Stay Woke Episode 2

The We Stay Woke Crew comes back again- Featuring Wavy Wayne, Lydia Caesar and David Ragland hosting  interviewing Activist and Atty. Professor Justin Hansford of St.Louis University Law School.  Professor Hansford speaks about critical race theory- its founder Derrick Bell, intersectionality and his work as an activist.  We look into the work of Derrick Bell and discuss the importance of his writing particularly in the book And We Are Not Saved, The Elusive Quest for Racial Justice- We encourage you to check out this classic text. In a time were people are looking for answers, saddened and angered by the most recent election,  Hansford, many activists and the We Stay Woke crew are discussing ideas and possibilities in progress!

We begin the discussion with Prof. Hansford discussing his early activism, when he organized for The Malcolm x grassroots project and his work, as a student, to bring critical race theory to Georgetown Law School.  The conversation goes into describing intersectionality as a part of critical race theory and how the critical race theory might inform possibilities for social transformation.  Professor Hansford continues by point out the need to organize locally and control cities like the Oakland, as Bobby Seal (Black Panther, Co-founder) attempted to do when he ran for mayor.
This election calls us to organize for our own needs and survival.

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